Dulse Garlic Bread

Recipe for Garlic Bread using Dulse - Healthy recipes for the beginner or the gourmet cook. Great for vegetarians, health conscious individuals, or those simply wanting to live longer and healthier.

Hot Dulse Lemonade

This may sound bizarre, but Judith Cooper Madlener in the "Sea Vegetable Book" claims it's an old New England treatment for coughs and colds. That could well be, as many early Irish and Scottish settlers had eaten dulse "back home" and still enjoyed it in the New World.

Don't Be Too Busy For Lunch

Don't Be Too Busy For LunchIt's a popular notion that we will get more done if we skip lunch. Unfortunately that couldn't be farther from the truth. According to various studies, researchers agree that performance scores plunge when people skip lunch and those who skip lunch soon feel more anxious and tense...