The Why and How of Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Belly dance (by whatever name it is called) is excellent for any age. It is a celebration of womanhood, a dance by women for women's purposes. It can be practiced in preparation for childbirth and after childbirth. This dance has also helped many women who have suffered from PMS and menstrual discomfort...

Bicycle Commuting Can Improve Health And Mitigate Climate Change

Bicycle Commuting Can Improve Health And Mitigate Climate Change

It's that time of year: Bicyclists young and old are lubing chains and dusting off cheap supermarket bikes, top-of-the line Treks and everything in between. A bike, of course, offers a way to get exercise, reduce your carbon footprint or just have fun. But biking activity, in large part, is driven by the pedaling opportunities available in your community.

How To Be Good to Yourself: The Do's and Don'ts

by Marcelle Pick. The way you treat yourself can make an enormous difference in how your body, mind, and spirit respond. Changing your internal conversation is one key way to turn down the stress and turn up the relaxation. I’ve struggled with these issues, too, and I know how hard it can be to create a new conversation. The key is...

Bellydancing Forbidden Dance

Bellydancing is the last vestige of goddess worship in the Middle East and is in danger of becoming extinct. Bellydancing began as ritual for childbirth preparation in the ancient Middle East. Before Islam and Christianity, when the Mother Goddess was worshipped, sex and childbearing were sacred. During this time, many societies were...

Tai Chi For Health with added benefits of Patience, Perseverance, Tolerance, Discipline and Confidence

Tai Chi For Health with added benefits of Patience, Perseverance, Tolerance, Discipline and ConfidenceThe majority of those who practice tai chi do so mainly for the benefits it gives as an exercise. Tai chi is suitable for people of all ages, particularly those on the wrong side of thirty. The very nature of the art stimulates blood circulation, loosens and limbers up joints and at the same time promotes mental relaxation.

Heritage Of Tai Chi

In ancient times, Tai Chi was taught only to members of the Chen family living in a small village in Hopeh Province. One day the grandmaster explained why he had broken one of the strongest family traditions by teaching an outsider the secrets of the art. This is the story of how this occured, related by teachers of this ancient art...

Exercising Just Three Days

New research shows that minor excersing is very benefical to a healthy heart and preventing cardiovascular problems and heart disease. Endurance exercises—such as walking, jogging or cycling for 30 minutes—generate a protein in the heart called Heat Shock Protein 72.

Martial Arts as a Way of Life

Martial Arts as a Way of Life

by F.J. Chu. The wisdom and knowledge that the martial arts offer is something that should be preserved in modern society. The practitioner who views his training as merely a means of self-defense will eventually realize that his efforts are unrewarding. The martial Way is nothing less than self-cultivation and the promotion of virtuous conduct.

Healing Moves: An Ideal Self-Care Strategy

Healing Moves: An Ideal Self-Care Strategy

by Carol Krucoff and Mitchell Krucoff, M.D. Today, virtually every form of medicine recognizes these basic truths: 1) Simple exercise can have profound healing effects. 2) Specific "healing moves" can help fight illness and enhance health. Healing moves provide an ideal self-care strategy to help prevent, relieve, and...