Will Binge-watching TV Increase Your Risk For Alzheimer's And Diabetes?

Will Binge-watching TV Increase Your Risk For Alzheimer's And Diabetes?A recent study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise was reported in many media outlets as a bringer of “bad news” to television watchers, with the Herald Sun noting: Every hour you spend sitting watching TV makes you more likely to die from inflammation-related diseases...

Why Are We So Afraid Of Dementia?

Why Are We So Afraid Of Dementia?A succession of surveys by Saga have shown that we are more frightened of developing dementia in old age than any other condition including cancer, and the language we use to talk about it: “raw horror” and “living death” speak volumes of the deep unease the prospect of dementia stirs.

Identifying and Removing The Causes of Disharmony and Disease Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles

External and Internal Causes of Disharmony and DiseaseIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that certain conditions are necessary for disease and disharmony to occur. Good health is dependent upon the smooth flow of chi, the balance of yin and yang, the influences of the five phases, and the balance between our organ network systems and our external environment.