Fear of Pain

Fear is the major ingredient of pain. It is what makes pain hurt. Take away the fear and only feeling is left. In the mid-1970s, in a poor and remote forest monastery in northeast Thailand, I had a bad toothache. There was no dentist to go to, no telephone, and no electricity. We didn't even have any aspirin...

Acceptance of Self

When I discovered that my illness was a cancer that needed to be powerfully and quickly released through surgery and chemotherapy, I became quite depressed. I couldn't blame the circumstances of my illness on my environment, for I ate well and cared for my body. I began to reflect on my own lack of selfLove by...

Learning from Pain and Pleasure

by J. Donald Walters. The pain one experiences if one goes against Nature, and the pleasure if one cooperates with it, is one way all creatures are guided -- not always infallibly, but in a general sense correctly. A child learns, if it touches a hot stove, not to repeat the experiment. Sensitivity to extreme heat is given us for our protection, not for our misery. All living creatures learn, quickly or slowly according to their intelligence, what 'works' for them and what doesn't.

Healing the Emotions

by Barry S. Weinberg. As you continue to journey on a clear path to healing, it is very common for different feelings and emotions to arise. Old guilt, anger, and doubt may enter your mind and heart from out of nowhere. Likewise, new fear, anxiety, and sadness may develop if you see no end to the path before you.

It's In Our Genes

Most of the time, many of us succumb to the thought that something "in our genes" is going to catch up with us. The next conclusion then, is that nothing can be done to prevent it. However, we have been given the conscious ability to choose from life's menu...

Self-Discovery Through Obesity

If we are so gracious with flu symptoms in ourselves, or pneumonia symptoms in our friends, why then are we so cruel with symptoms of another disorder that affects nearly 70% of the American population? Obesity. Do we really think that someone would choose to be overweight? Do we really think that children say, "When I grow up I want to be fat?"

Self-Healing Exercises

Psychic or not, we all need to energize and balance our energy centers each day. The following exercises can be carried out every morning and throughout the day as needed. They will energise the body, pinpoints imbalanced areas, and enable us to attend to our own well-being.

Herb And Plant Dyes

The leaves, flowers and roots of many herbs may impart dye colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, brown and gray. The herbs can be either fresh or dried however the or dried however the fresher the herb... the brighter the color.

Herbal Medicine Guide

Herbal medicine and the medicinal benefits of herbs have been known for centuries. Records of Native American, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, and Hebrew medical practices show that herbs were used extensively to cure practically every known illness.

Herbs And Cooking

Herbs And Cooking When cooking herbs there are certain things you need to remember. The food will taste as good as the mood you are in and whatever herbs you use to spice up the meal is according to one's own personal taste. Experimenting with herbs is fun and adds a bit of pizazz to one's daily meals.

Herbs For Relieving Cancer

This herb gets its name from bur, for its tenacious burrs, and dock old English for plant. Many scientists are skeptical about Burdock and its uses. However, as a healing herb it has a potential for treating cancer. Early Chinese physicians, as well as Ayurvedic healers, used Burdock as...

Natural Approach To Prostate Health

It appears that common diseases among men over 50 involve the prostate sex organ (and the colon and cardiovascular system). The modern lifestyle of stress; long hours of sitting, driving or TV watching; stuffing food and emotions; eating fast food, flesh and milk products; regular intake of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol; and...

Taking Herbal Baths

Herb baths were popular around the 3rd century B.C. Bathhouses, both private and public, were used in ancient Greece. and Rome. Baths were enjoyed both for their healing and beautifying properties. There are different types of baths such as mineral, oil, steam, massage, or friction baths...

Dulse Garlic Bread

Recipe for Garlic Bread using Dulse - Healthy recipes for the beginner or the gourmet cook. Great for vegetarians, health conscious individuals, or those simply wanting to live longer and healthier.

Hot Dulse Lemonade

This may sound bizarre, but Judith Cooper Madlener in the "Sea Vegetable Book" claims it's an old New England treatment for coughs and colds. That could well be, as many early Irish and Scottish settlers had eaten dulse "back home" and still enjoyed it in the New World.

Holistic Health

An introduction into the principles and practices of Holistic Health.  There are three basic aspects of the wholistic approach to medicine. First, disease prevention is emphasized by placing responsibility with the individual as self-healer to use his own resources to promote health, prevent illness, and encourage healing.

Healing Moves: An Ideal Self-Care Strategy

Healing Moves: An Ideal Self-Care Strategy

by Carol Krucoff and Mitchell Krucoff, M.D. Today, virtually every form of medicine recognizes these basic truths: 1) Simple exercise can have profound healing effects. 2) Specific "healing moves" can help fight illness and enhance health. Healing moves provide an ideal self-care strategy to help prevent, relieve, and...

Aura Painting: Changing the Color of Your Aura on a Day-to-Day Basis

Aura Painting: Changing the Color of Your Aura on a Day-to-Day Basis

by Judith Poole. In this exercise, we will experiment with changing the color of the aura. Observe any feelings, emotions, sensations, memories and thoughts as we try on the colors of the rainbow. Some colors will feel cooler, warmer, more comfortable, more alert. Be attentive too to how the aura it affected. It may feel compact or porous, loose or tight, heavy, dark, or light.

Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic Imbalances

Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic Imbalances

by Richard Gerber, M.D. Vibrational or energy medicine has finally found modern-day scientific validation in our Einsteinian understanding of matter as energy. For medicine and psychology to truly advance over the next several decades, we must begin to think about our emotional problems as energetic imbalances that affect the functioning of our subtle and physical anatomy.

How to Manage Stress: One Change at a Time

How to Manage Stress: One Change at a Time

by Dawn Groves. Life doesn't have to be a process of ongoing damage control. There are many things we can do to keep stress from eroding our health and happiness. The fastest way to fix the problems in your life is to remove your stressors. But don't worry; there are alternatives to firing your boss, leaving your home, redesigning your spouse, or trading in your body.

Healing Process: Twelve Simple Steps

Healing Process: Steps 1 - 12

by Cheryl Canfield. It isn't possible to make good, conscious decisions in the midst of confusion and shock. Slow down and don't be rushed. Listen to your inner voice. Weigh the options and make decisions and choices based on what you feel is right for you. We stay far more empowered when we take charge and make decisions we feel good about.

Allergies Linked to Diet and Six Common Foods

Allergies Linked to Diet and Six Common FoodsThe American menu is actually made of various combinations of the same foods, usually wheat, beef, eggs, potatoes, and milk products. For example, a breakfast of eggs, sausage, white toast, and hash browns is the same as a lunch of a hamburger, white bun, and fries, which is the same as a dinner of steak and potatoes or white pasta.

Can We Prevent Osteoporosis?

Can We Prevent Osteoporosis?Osteoporosis can begin as early as fifteen years prior to the first signs of menopause -- often around the middle to late thirties. The association of accelerated bone loss with menopause led medical doctors to prescribe estrogen supplements. However, there is ample evidence in the medical literature that the therapy is...

Magnet Therapy: Magnetic Fields Can Affect The Body's Functioning

Existing magnet application: magnet ringsScientists have discovered that external magnetic fields can affect the body's functioning in both positive and negative ways. The use of magnets and electrical devices to generate controlled magnetic fields has many medical applications and has proven to be one of the most effective means available for diagnosing human illness.

Don't Be Too Busy For Lunch

Don't Be Too Busy For LunchIt's a popular notion that we will get more done if we skip lunch. Unfortunately that couldn't be farther from the truth. According to various studies, researchers agree that performance scores plunge when people skip lunch and those who skip lunch soon feel more anxious and tense...

Good Vibes and Bad Vibes are Contagious

Contagious LoveEverything is contagious -- not just germs, but good vibes and bad vibes, too. When a person begins laughing hysterically, watch how others laugh or at least smile. When someone is expressing hatred, notice how those in the vicinity tighten their bodies, develop a defensive posture, and maybe clutch another's hand.

A Self-Healing Personality Can Be Yours

A Self-Healing Personality Can Be YoursI recently met a 'senior citizen' with a childlike twinkle in his eyes, the mental acuity of a 20-year old and the nimble body of a person at least 35 years younger than his 100 years on earth. When I asked his secret, he replied, 'I live right now. I live only in this moment. The past is over, and it is a joy to be on earth.'