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The Road To Failure Is Paved With Good Intentions: Turn Them Into Action

The Road To Failure Is Paved With Good Intentions: Turning Them Into Action

Take a moment to think of a task you wish to accomplish in the next three months. It should be something specific like clearing out your backyard, or completing an online course, so that you could judge, definitively, if and when it has been completed. How likely would you say it is that you will finish the task by the end of autumn?

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Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

Persistence, Persistence, Persistenceby Alex Lickerman MD. What separates people who ultimately succeed from those who fail, according to psychologist Dean Simonton, is simply a larger number of tries and a willingness to keep failing. People succeed because they have an increased tolerance for failure, paradoxically suffering even more failures than people who don't succeed...

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The Quest for Excellence: The Deeper Meaning of Sports and Competition

The Quest for Excellence: The Deeper Meaning of Sports and Competitionby Phil Cousineau. Vince Lombardi emphasized: "The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are much more important than the events that occur." For those who contend that de-emphasizing winning may lead to a losing attitude, the annals of Olympic lore are full of passages from champions who argue the contrary...

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Creating Team Work and Community Every Day, Everywhere

Creating Team Work and Community Every Day, Everywhereby Loral Langemeier. In my town, we had to team up if we wanted to get anything done. Since there weren’t that many kids in my school, if we wanted to have a basketball team, everyone had to join, even if some weren’t good at it. Similarly, if we wanted to put on a play, every kid had to take part in the drama club so we could get the show on the stage...

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Shed Your Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Your True Potential

Shed Your Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Your True Potential

by Sonia Ricotti. Limiting beliefs hinder us when making decisions during challenging times, prolong our suffering, and prevent us from achieving our true potential. Beliefs are merely an interpretation of the world based on the evidence you have observed and experienced throughout your life. Your beliefs have been programmed into your mind since...

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