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Clutter & Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?

Clutter in Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?by Barry Dennis. Everything we bring into our lives, we will eventually have to get rid of. As our awareness grows, we see that everything we surround ourselves with and spend our energy on has a direct effect on our soul. Everything. So unless you really need something or you are very clear its presence supports your soul’s expression...

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Turn Your Home into a Temple for Your Soul

Turn Your Home into a Temple for Your Soulby Xorin Balbes. Every time I enter my home, I feel as if I am walking into a sacred temple, a place where my body, mind, and soul can rest from the busy day. I have consciously organized my SoulSpace so that it makes me feel cared for and supported. It allows me to...

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Is Your Home Your Ally?

Is Your Home Your Ally? by Denise Linnby Denise Linn. Your home can be your greatest ally in helping you to achieve your potential. This is true because your home is not only a reflection of you, but in its deepest sense, it also has the power to mold you and shape your future. When you implement changes in your home, you will notice that often your life is...

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Feng Shui At Home

by Terah Kathryn Collins.

Terah Kathryn Collins

Feng Shui focuses on enhancing the harmony and vitality of your environment. Surrounding yourself with things that lift your spirits and deepen your love for life is a primary goal. Surround yourself with only those items that pass the "I love this!" test. Ch'i is always enhanced by your joy, inspiration, and creativity.


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Basic Feng Shui for Your Health, Prosperity, and Happiness

Basic Feng Shui for Your Health, Prosperity, and Happinessby Terah Kathryn Collins. Our Western habitats present us with a very different scenario than that of the original Feng Shui practitioners. Many structures are located on land that the ancient practitioners would never have chosen, and often the structure’s shape and detailing break every classic Feng Shui rule.

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Practical Space Clearing

Jon Sandiferby Jon Sandifer. In traditional cultures, space clearing, or having your home blessed, has always been considered a vital measure when moving into a new home. In the West, it is more likely to be linked to having a good spring clean, a housewarming party or to have your local priest bless the home.

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Colors and Feng Shui

by Ralph and Lahni De Amicis.

Ralph and Lahni De Amicis The way people react to colors is due to a mix of physiological, sociological and spiritual factors. What works in one society does not always work in another. Likewise, the knowledge that has come out of the mystery schools often needs to be adjusted to apply to modern tastes.

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Feng Shui for Romance

Angi Ma Wongby Angi Ma Wong.

Love is the stuff of dreams, drama, and dread, as well as agony and ecstasy. And yet who among us can live without it? Scientific research has shown that both plants and people perish without attention and care.

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City Living & Feng Shui

by Juan M. Alvarez. In Hong Kong the majority of businesses and families with economic clout consult Feng Shui experts before buying land or beginning construction on their homes or buildings. A real estate advertisement mentions of the quality of Feng Shui present in the design and the shape of the building...

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Chakras of Mother Earth

by Ai Gvhdi Waya.

Ai Gvhdi Waya

There are sacred spots all over Mother Earth; in fact, all of her is sacred. Ancient cultures, because the people were right-brained (that is to say, they were in touch with their intuition and their psychic/clairvoyant abilities), often built their sacred temples on these Earth chakras.

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Excess Baggage Slows Us Down

Excess Baggage Slows Us Downby Jon Sandifer. Surrounding ourselves with objects that we are not happy with, that are broken, out of date, or that we seldom use are simply taking up space. Excess baggage in the home has the potential to slow down our chi, limit our perspective of a new bright future and, to a certain degree, connect us more with our past than with our future.

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