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Attitudes and Healing

attitudes and healing

Essential for Good Health: Including Our Mental–Spiritual Needs

An Essential Ingredient for our Good Health: Including The Mental–Spiritual Needs of Our Being (illustration: Anne Heng)

by Ewald Kliegel. “Being whole” is an experience or a state of being in which we are in touch with our deepest inner being. It is a lifelong process with many paths and one of these paths touches on the body and its organs. With what they have to tell us they enrich us: with self-respect, with the discovery of our potential, with a wonderful inner attunement and, of course, also with health...

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What Does Being Healthy & Happy Mean to You?

What Does Being Healthy & Happy Mean to You?

by Lester R. Sauvage, M.D. I often asked my patients three important questions before surgery: Why do you wish to live longer? Do you wish to be happier? and What does being happy mean to you? These queries gave me an opportunity to discuss spiritual matters as well as physical and emotional ones...

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Why Fighting Symptoms Doesn't Work

Why Fighting Symptoms Doesn't Work

by Gregory Plotnikoff MD & Mark Weisberg PhD. When you go on the offensive and try to fight your symptoms, it only makes them stronger. Try this: whatever you do, do not think of an elephant. What happens? The harder you try not to think of it, the elephant's image becomes even more prominent...

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Life-Centered Thinking (Love) Is the Foundation of Health

Life-Centered Thinking (Love) Is the Foundation of Healthby Dr. Lee Jampolsky. We always have two mind-sets to choose from: fear-based thinking and Life-centered thinking. Each of these mind-sets has its own distinct logic and view of cause and effect. Fear-based thinking constantly searches for past, cur­rent, and future experiences to reinforce its fearful perspective...

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How To Be Healed: One Universal Healing Principle

How To Be Healed: One Universal Healing Principleby Joseph Murphy. It was not the splinter of wood from the sidewalk that healed him. It was his imagination aroused to an intense degree, plus the confident expectancy of a perfect healing. Imagination was joined to faith or subjective feeling, and the...

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Surviving Breast Cancer & Creating Wellness

Sur­viving Breast Cancer & Creating Wellnessby Greg Anderson. Sur­viving breast cancer is not simply about treating illness. It is primar­ily about creating wellness. I have come to this deeply held belief based on extensive surveys and interviews with more than sixteen thousand cancer survivors...

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Responding to the News About a Health Challenge

Responding to the News About a Health Challengeby Dr. Lee Jampolsky. Like most people, I was underprepared for a severe health challenge. I initially approached the news of my condi­tion in the same way I approached most things in life — with an "I can handle this" attitude. I attempted to push my more vulnerable feelings and thoughts away...

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Why Some People Heal and Others Don't...

Why Some People Heal and Others Don't...by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. Healing has always been a great mystery, especially when a cure works for one person but perhaps not for another. Part of the success or failure of any healing modality is how the recipient perceives and accepts the healing. Let’s face it. Some of us...

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Nine Keys to a Healthier, Happier You

by Mark Allen & Brant Secunda.

Are you stressed-out, overweight, overworked, uninspired, or plagued by negative emotions? Don't worry — anyone can achieve greater health and happiness by trying out some new behaviors and attitudes, and working at it step-by-step. Here are nine proven ways to get there.

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Love & Move Your Body

Article: Love and Move Your Body by Roy Holmanby Roy Holman. Your beloved body wants nothing more than to be loved. Like trying to drive an old broken down car or bicycle, it can be frustratingly difficult for a soul to work through a body that is unhealthy or uncared for. Of course, much of our...

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Is It a Curse or a Diagnosis?

Is It a Curse or a Diagnosis?by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman. The mere expectation of illness or death appears to lead to illness and death in voodoo and other such belief systems. This may be similar to a patient in a modern hospital who is told that they only have six weeks to live, and as a result, they die exactly six weeks later. Yet...

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Opportunities to Heal Your Life

William Yoder, author of the article: Opportunities to Heal Your Life

by William R. Yoder Ph.D., D.C.

A health "crisis" whether a physical, mental, emotional, relationship, or financial crisis in our lives — forces us to reflect on, re-evaluate, and change our current routines and thought patterns. Any form of disease is ultimately an opportunity to...

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Ho’oponopo: Healing by Restoring Balance

Alan Cohen, author of the article: Ho’oponopo: Healing by Restoring Balanceby Alan Cohen.

Ho’oponopo teaches that if we intend to make changes in the outer world, we must first restore balance and clarity in our own mind and heart. So Dr. Hew Len regularly took each patient in mind, and spoke to their spirit: “I’m sorry for..."

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Healing Is Possible: Eight Important Steps

Healing Is Possible: Eight Important Steps

by Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D., Ph.D. Intensive interviews with people who have made personal and spiritual transformations show several dimensions as being important to their healing. People with miraculous healings show: A belief that healing is possible; A belief in their own personal capacity to heal; etc.

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Energy Medicine and Intuition

by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

Caroline Myss, Ph.D.I disappoint some people when I discuss intuition because I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill -- a skill based in self-esteem. Developing this skill -- and a healthy sense of self -- becomes easier when you can think in the words, concepts, and principles of energy medicine.

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Spirit Medicine and Physical Medicine

Spirit Medicineby Hank Wesselman, Ph.D. & Jill Kuykendall, RPT. Our view of health care is changing, and increasing numbers of spiritual seekers and health-care providers alike are reconsidering the role that the mind — and by association, spirituality — plays in healing. In the process, society at large is becoming increasingly aware of...

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Increasing Your Energy Levels

Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D. and Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

When our energy level is optimal, we become aroused and alerted to the world around us. Then, with a profound reciprocity, nature seems alerted to and connected to us. We experience energy as vigor and stamina...

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Getting Rid of Stress

Stuart Alve Olson, author of the article: Getting Rid of Stressby Stuart Alve Olson.

 Stress, generally speaking, is actually nothing more than a self-trained response we have developed in dealing with problems and uncomfortable situations. Getting rid of stress can be quick and easy, but only if we allow ourselves to change the response. Changing a behavior or trained response, however, is

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Am I My Personality?

Roberto Kaplanby Roberto Kaplan.

 Consider for a moment the possibility of your personality acting as your mask, as the protection you don for the world. Like performers, each of us presents ourselves as having certain personal characteristics. We may be aggressive or meek, loud or soft-spoken, dominating, loving, inquisitive, or good-natured...

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Breaking the Healing Barrier

Neil F. Neimark, M.D.

Within each one of us there lies a "healing system" capable of fighting off disease, combating infection and bringing us greater energy, vitality, and well-being.  In any medical text we can read about the "digestive system", the "circulatory system", or the "nervous system", but nowhere can we find a chapter on the "healing system".  


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Color Therapy and Healing

color therapy healing rainbowInvestigations into the therapeutic use of color were carried out in Europe during the early twentieth century, notably by Rudolph Steiner, who related color to form, shape, and sound. He suggested that certain combinations of color and shape have either destructive or regenerative effects on living organisms...

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Folk High School

Claude AmarnickA spiritual base is an absolute essential, not only in the role of healing, but in daily living. Any physical disease can affect a patient's emotional or spiritual state, and any emotional or spiritual upset can bring about physiological change.

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Letting Go So You Can Relax

When you are able to detach yourself from the areas of stress, tension, and pain in your body and just be aware of them without the interference of your analytical mind, they have room to unwind and release. This is not to deny or ignore pain; it is to be present with it in a relaxed, open, non judging way.

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Intuition: A Tool for Healing

Intuition: A tool for healingby Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. We are so conditioned to using our five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell), that we expect intuition to be something equally tangible. It is not. Intuition, the "sixth sense," requires us to trust, not to know.

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Listening to Your Symptoms

Martin L. Rossman,  M.D. Careful histories of people who come down with serious illnesses almost always reveal earlier warning signs that were ignored or treated superficially. Symptoms are like warning lights or gauges in your car. When the oil light goes on in your car, would you tape over it so you can go about your business?

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Inner Health

Susan Dubitsky by Dr. Susan Strum Dubitsky. When I calmed my mind enough to listen to God's Voice within me, I realized I hadn't done anything wrong. The cancer was part of the unfoldment of the part I had to play... Through prayer and meditation, it came to me that breast cancer was an opportunity for growth, just like any other challenge I'd confronted in my life.

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The Power of Illness

by Vicki McKenna.

Vicki McKennaIn ancient Greece, there were temples with rooms to which sick people could retreat. This was a time of quiet introspection, based on the understanding that illness is a sacred space where inner work can be done, so that healing may come from the core of our being. This means that the goal of healing is peace of mind, and whether...

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Pain: Inward and Outward

Pain: Inward and Outward Pain is a primary emotion. It has several emotional by-products which may come from it such as anger, jealousy, depression, hatred, and confusion. The types of emotional by-products we feel depends on whether we turn our pain inward or outward...

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Healing the Emotions

Barry S. Weinbergby Barry S. Weinberg. As you continue to journey on a clear path to healing, it is very common for different feelings and emotions to arise. Old guilt, anger, and doubt may enter your mind and heart from out of nowhere. Likewise, new fear, anxiety, and sadness may develop if you see no end to the path before you.

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Esteem As Medicine

Dana Ullman, M.P.H. How you feel about yourself may actually affect the way your body defends itself against the various stresses and infective organisms that surround it. A high level of self-esteem, or a stronger sense of self, can lead to more vigorous immune response. While this doesn't mean that people with high self-esteem will never get sick, it does mean that they will be better equipped to deal with whatever stresses or diseases they encounter.

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Contagious Love

Dana Ullman, M.P.H.Everything is contagious -- not just germs, but good vibes and bad vibes, too. When a person begins laughing hysterically, watch how others laugh or at least smile. When someone is expressing hatred, notice how those in the vicinity tighten their bodies, develop a defensive posture, and maybe clutch another's hand.

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Listen to Your Body: It Knows What It Needs

Listen to Your Body: It Knows What It Needs

by Zoosh. If you are seeking someone to lead you to physical mastery, seek no further than your own physical body. Look to your ancient tribal cultures, not only in North America, but in South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand. These people know, whether they tell you or not, how to live in harmony.

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A Self-Healing Personality Can Be Yours

A Self-Healing Personality, article by Elaine R. Ferguson M.D.by Elaine R. Ferguson M.D. I recently met a 'senior citizen' with a childlike twinkle in his eyes, the mental acuity of a 20-year old and the nimble body of a person at least 35 years younger than his 100 years on earth. When I asked his secret, he replied, 'I live right now. I live only in this moment. The past is over, and it is a joy to be on earth.'

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Blame & Self-Blame: Opposing The Miracle of Peacefulness

Blame & Self-Blame: Opposing The Miracle of Peacefulness:

by Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D., Ph.D. The people who consult me are often desperately scared. An illness threatens the length and quality of their lives. They want to be well. They want to be cured. They want a miracle. Unfortunately, miracles cannot be guaranteed or produced on demand...

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How to Manage Stress: One Change at a Time

How to Manage Stress: One Change at a Time

by Dawn Groves. Life doesn't have to be a process of ongoing damage control. There are many things we can do to keep stress from eroding our health and happiness. The fastest way to fix the problems in your life is to remove your stressors. But don't worry; there are alternatives to firing your boss, leaving your home, redesigning your spouse, or trading in your body.

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Your Body Is Talking to You! Are Willing to Hear What It Has to Say?

Is Your Body Talking to You? by Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell. So many things happen in life that don't seem to be part of the plan. Whether it involves the end of a job, a relationship, a home, our health, a situation takes place, and we seem to have the rug swept out from under us. Yet, each challenge comes with a message, with a gift...

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