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The Energetics of Food: The Yin & Yang of Vitality & Health

The Energetics of Food: The Yin & Yang of Vitality & Health

by Donald R. Yance, CN, MH, RH(AHG). Each of us manifests our own energetic makeup, and this determines the balance of foods that promote vitality and health with the foods that detoxify and eliminate cancerous agents. The dynamics of the yin and yang aspects of different foods and how they relate to each person are also significant...

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Low Protein Diet Plan

Low Protein Diet Plan

A low protein diet is a dietary programme that has been designed by physicians and dieticians to restrict the intake of proteins for certain individuals who are diagnosed with liver or kidney troubles and those who are suffering from inherited metabolic disorders. The intake of proteins is restricted depending upon several factors such as age, gender, and health conditions etc.

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Gluten Affects Moods and Can Lead to Depression & Anxiety

Gluten Affect Moods and Can Lead to Depression & Anxietyby Susan Pease Banitt, L.C.S.W. I once had a patient who came in and announced calmly, "I had a brownie yesterday, and then I felt really suicidal." For a moment, my conventional reaction was to think she was losing touch with reality. She was one of my least dramatic, most levelheaded clients and usually she understated rather than overstated everything.

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Gluten and Grains: Good or Bad?

Gluten and Grains -- Good or Bad? article by Vijay Vad M.D.

by Vijay Vad, M.D. Our forebears began eating grains only about 10,000 years ago with the advent of agriculture. Grain had several clear advantages: You could store it for those times when animal food and seafood were in short supply, and the grains themselves were the seeds needed to plant new crops.

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Six Healing Secrets of Food

Six Healing Secrets of Food by Deborah Deborah Kesten. We are being cheated nutritionally. Food constitutes a six-part gift, but all we're hearing about is one thing. But this skewed perspective, focusing solely on the physiological aspects of food, has become the norm. I call our one-sided, limited view the Dark Ages of nutrition.

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Acid and Alkaline Balance

Carrie L'Esperanceby Carrie L'Esperance. For optimal energy and to maintain health, a balance between the acids and the alkalis of the body is essential. The acid-alkaline balance varies with the individual and his or her stress level. Generally it ranges between 75 percent and 85 percent alkaline-producing foods to between 15 percent and 25 percent acid-producing foods in the diet.

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Fasting Safely for Health

Carrie L'Esperanceby Carrie L'Esperance. People who are not familiar with fasting may imagine that it entails sitting around getting bored and depressed, and not eating anything. It is difficult to imagine the powerful effects that fasts, using certain food and drink, can have...

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Color Code Eating

JAMES A. JOSEPH, PH.D.DANIEL A. NADEAU, James A. Joseph, Ph.D. and Daniel A. Nadeau, M.D. Americans seem constantly to be on diets -- grapefruit diets, cabbage diets, low-carb diets, high-protein diets, raw food diets, you name it. The elusive goal of these many plans is weight loss. Yet we have the fattest society ever...

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Anti-Oxidants for Disease Prevention

antioxidants for disease preventionRegardless of what media outlet you receive your health and medical information from, it is likely that the term "antioxidant" is a familiar one. Since the 1980's, antioxidants have been the indisputable star topic in the field of nutritional biochemistry. What exactly are these compounds, and how do they function in the body?

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Benefits of Good Nutrition

The Japanese word shiatsu means finger pressure: shi = finger, atsu = pressure. In shiatsu, the fingers, thumbs, elbows, knees, and hands are all used to stimulate or sedate the energy flowing through the body to promote health and healing. Like acupuncture and other Asian medical practices, shiatsu works with the body's energy system.

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Calorie Counting... Down the Scale

Suzanne Somersby Suzanne Somers. My diets always consisted of severely cutting down on calories. I got results, but I suffered! I would lose the weight, but how I missed my dear friend, delicious food! I would get down to my "skinny" clothes for the date I needed to look my best, and then I would go home and reward myself with a feast of all the glorious treats I'd been missing. Of course, I would vow to get right back to a "healthy" way of eating so that I would not destroy all the progress I had made.

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Diet - A Four-Letter Word (2)

Nicki Anderson

by Nicki Anderson.

The word diet simply defines the food we ingest each day. But it has become a four-letter word or a badge of honor, sometimes even a badge of martyrdom. Dieting has become a national pastime, with everyone waiting in line for the next diet of the month, guaranteed to make us all fit and trim.

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Eat Great, Lose Weight

Eat Great, Lose Weightby Suzanne Somers. I've tried every diet in the world. The shakes, the calorie counting, the packaged foods, the fasting, the grapefruit, the cottage cheese, the celery... What I really wanted was to find a way to eat healthy, nutritious, yet flavorful foods in substantial portions and still lose weight. And I'm happy to tell you I have found it.

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Food Combining

by Geoff Bond. Our digestive system has to break down into their useful component parts a variety of different 'feedstocks' each requiring a different process. The foregoing consideration leads to the concept of eating food in batches, which require the same chemical and mechanical treatment in the digestive tract. It is known as the principle of proper food combining.

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Foods That Fight Pain

by Neal Barnard, M.D. Foods have medicinal value -- this has long been accepted in the medical traditions of China, India, Native America, and other cultures around the world, and is now being confirmed by the latest Western medical research. Foods can also fight pain. This idea is drawn from a wealth of new research from prestigious medical centers around the world.

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Juices & Sprouts

by Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C.? Minerals are essential to keep our chemistry in balance and to supply our bones, blood, and tissues with the elements necessary for normal function and growth. Minerals are needed in the tissues for tone and as conductors of electromagnetic light waves, which link the chromosomes of the cells to the finer energies of Nature.

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