Faith and Healing


Mindfullness and Meditation

In 2010, Fadel Zeidan and a team of researchers from University of North Carolina published a study of “the effects of brief mindfulness meditation training on experimentally induced pain.” I asked Zeidan, now based at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, to tell me about that first study and its findings, and explain how his research has progressed since.


A Healing Experiment

A Healing Experimentby Lynn Woodland. What if we could go back in time to heal an illness at an earlier, less-advanced stage? Or go back even further to the moment right before an illness took hold in our bodies? A number of researchers, Helmut Schmidt being one of the earliest, have studied the...

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Fix It For Me...Please!

Fix It For Me...Please!by Marie T. Russell. Were you raised on Fairy Tales?...where Prince Charming and/or the fairy Godmother made everything better... where lovers got married and lived happily ever after (without having to "work" at their relationship). Having grown up with these 'role models' is it any surprise that...

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God's Medicine Man

Noble Red Man (Matthew King)

People ask me if I'm a medicine man. Well, I'm not. Some of our Indian people were blessed with that power in the past. They're all gone now. Today our people know only a little medicine. We had great medicine men. I'll tell you about one I knew when I was a boy...

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Increase Your Healing Ability

Increase Your Healing Ability by Marie T. Russellby Marie T. Russell. Everyone has the power and the ability to connect with the life energy that brings in healing. You don't need training, though you can certainly learn techniques... If you're wanting to increase your healing ability so that you can use it for your own healing, then it's right there waiting...

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Are Miracles Real?

Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. Medical tests confirmed that I had been rescued against all odds from a virulent Stage IV cancer that had eaten away my bones and left me dying in agony. I tried to tell my doctors to spread the news that miracles are real. I wanted them to embrace the words of David Ben-Gurion that "in order to be realist you must believe in miracles".

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Believing in Miracles

Believing in Miracles

by Marilyn Innerfeld.

We live in a world filled with miracles, and yet we take them for granted. Why do we, as adults, forget to see the miracles of our world? When we believe in miracles, we then create them. We all are miracle workers. We each have the ability to change our lives with nothing more than...

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Healing Power of Faith

Harold Koenig, Harold Koenig, M.D.

  Healing can include dramatic, sudden physical cures, but is not confined to the 'miraculous' or the spectacular. Perhaps for most people, the healing power of faith involves a healing of the mind and emotions, the intangible spirit, and of relationships with others. Faith can put physical illness beneath us, where it belongs, return dominion to us, and give us power to live victorious and fulfilling lives. 

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Miracles in Native Medicine

Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D., Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D., Ph.D.

  I trained as a conventional physician. I have also studied Native American healing for more than twenty-five years. I have walked with feet in two different worlds for my entire medical career. I did this because I grew up knowing that 'Indian medicine' could help people when conventional medicine had nothing more to offer.

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It's In Our Genes

by Raven Cohan.  Raven CohanMost of the time, many of us succumb to the thought that something "in our genes" is going to catch up with us. The next conclusion then, is that nothing can be done to prevent it. However, we have been given the conscious ability to choose from life's menu...

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Heal the Body by Healing the Mind & Heart

Healing the Body by Healing the Mind and Heart

by Ron Roth, Ph.D. with Peter Occhiogrosso. Things happen in our lives because we believe in our subconscious mind that they should be happening. Yet when something bad happens, like an illness, you may say to yourself, "How can this be? I haven't been sitting here asking to get this disease."

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