Quality of Life for Cancer Patients: Does Massage Therapy Help?

Quality of Life for Cancer Patients: Does Massage Therapy Help?

by Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT. At the end of the day, less pain, anxiety, and nausea, better sleep and more energy add to quality of life. That is what people with cancer seek. Researchers measure this variable usually with a written questionnaire and sometimes an oral interview...

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A Cold Splash: Water Therapy for Depression & Chronic Fatigue

A Cold Splash: Water Therapy for Depression & Chronic Fatigue

by Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc. One group of researchers in Virginia suggests that hydro­therapy may be useful to treat cancer and chronic fatigue as well as depression. Cold exposure therapies may actually be the best choice for depressed patients. According to Hippocrates, water therapy "allays lassitude."

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Trusting Yourself to Heal Others with Plant Spirit Healing

Trusting Yourself to Heal Others with Plant Spirits

by Pam Montgomery. We can work with plant spirits for our own personal guidance and healing, but when we call upon plant spirits to engage in the healing of another, a particular type of dynamism is added to the healing process. Plants are community beings that are here to serve the community as a whole so that when we step beyond our own personal needs...

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Making Acupuncture, Yoga, and Massage Affordable For All

Making Acupuncture, Yoga, and Massage Is Affordable For All

Fewer high school students smoked cigarettes in 2013 than in previous years, while more adults are delaying health care because they can't afford it. These are among the insights of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's latest annual report, released in May.

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Self-Massage: Techniques for Calming Digestive Distress

Self-Massage: Techniques for Calming Digestive Distress

by Gregory Plotnikoff M.D. & Mark Weisberg Ph.D. The sensation of touch is one of the most profound and healing experiences humans share. Through touch, we can reconnect our mind and body, allowing relaxation and the unwinding of stress and tension. Most types of massage aim to release tension from...

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A Journey to Miraculous Healing & A Shamanic Medicine World

A Journey to Miraculous Healing & Shamanic Medicine Worldby Margaret De Wys. “Now, ma’am,” he said to me, “are you a healer?” “No,” I said, “I am not.” Would I ever call myself a healer? I would not. The power that came from Ncumu, God, was what healed...

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Healing Ourselves with Energy and Intention

Healing Ourselves with Energy and Intentionby Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. Heal­ing comes in all forms. It can be a simple awareness or a huge “aha.” It can be a mental realization, an emotional process, a spiritual catharsis, or a physical progression, but it is never only one of these; it is always a combination of...

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Lavender in Your Garden: For Health, Fragrance, Well-Being

Lavender in Your Garden: For Health, Fragrance, Well-Beingby Thea Summer Deer. Lavandula angustifolia, known as true lavender or English lavender, was until recently considered the hardiest and most fragrant species. Lavender essential oil is the one most widely used in aromatherapy to...

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10 Amazing Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

10 Amazing Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

The practice of using the tea tree oil started in Australia, by the native aborigines to cure cuts, burns, boils and as an antiseptic for thousands of years. The oil is derived from the distillation of the leaves of the “Tea tree” and is popularly known as “Medicine in a Bottle”.

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Chinese Medicine Continues To Thrive In Hong Kong

Chinese Medicine Continues To Thrive In Hong Kong

Despite the age of its recipes, Chinese medicine -- which continues to thrive among Hong Kong's seven million residents -- is not standing still. A growing number of young university-trained practitioners are pioneering changes within the industry, providing traditional remedies with modern efficiency.

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Relaxation Techniques for Health: An Introduction

Relaxation at the beach

Relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training, biofeedback, deep breathing and breathing exercises, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, and self-hypnosis, including their uses for health purposes, scientific evidence regarding their effectiveness, and side effects and risks. From the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health.

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Home Massage Heals: You Too Can Give a Healing Massage

Home Massage Heals: You Too Can Give Healing Massagesby Chuck Fata & Suzette Hodnett. The benefits of massage — reducing stress, soothing overworked muscles, boosting our immune system, and meeting our emotional needs for touch — are in our own hands. When massage is done in the comfort and familiarity of our homes with the people we already trust and...

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Sinus Problems? Try Nasal Cleansing with a Neti Pot

Sinus Problems? Try Nasal Cleansing with a Neti Potby Tami Quinn & Beth Heller. The jala neti, or nasal wash, is an old yogic technique. While the technique is very old, it has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, as research has shown daily saline nasal irrigation de­creases sinus symptoms and medication use in patients with frequent sinusitis and improves quality of life.

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Preparing to Heal: The Growing-Finger Exercise

Preparing to Heal: The Growing-Finger Exercise

by Frank J Kinslow. The first thing I would like is for you to demonstrate to yourself the power of awareness by creating an observable change in your body. By performing this striking exercise, you will not only get the simple basics for healing but you will also get a

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Planetary Healing: Living in Conscious Harmony with Nature

Planetary Healing: Living in Conscious Harmony with Natureby Pam Montgomery. The Great Healing is a time of huge paradigm shift: "...shaped by the feminine paths of cooperation, nonaggression, inclusiveness, noncompetitiveness, service rather than dominance, use of psychic and spiritual gifts as well as technology, and living in conscious harmony with nature's ways."

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Setting your Intention: Fasting

Setting your Intention: Fastingby Stasia Bliss. Think about how we normally consume. We usually choose to fill our shopping cart full of the foods we habitually buy. To choose new foods, even for a day, is to design a different sort of experience: it is the intention to experience something new...

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Goose Bumps: Holistic & Spiritual Messengers

Floco Tausin is the author of this article and the book: Mouches Volantes (Eye Floaters)

by Floco Tausin.

That prickly feeling with the body hair standing on end and the skin looking like “goose bumps” is usually associated or identified with chills, shivers, and certain emotional states. Less known, however, is that this prickle is informative and effective in the fields of health care and spirituality...

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What Does My Aura Look Like?

Colors of an aura for the article: What Does My Aura Look Like

by Cynthia Sue Larson.

Your aura is filling the space around you with light and energy at this very moment. As your moods and ideas change, new colors and designs of varying intensity and beauty appear around you. Find out what condition your aura is in without even looking at it. By truthfully answering sixteen questions, you'll soon have a much better idea of your...

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What Is Aromatherapy?

Valerie Ann Worwood, author of the article: What Is Aromatherapy?

by Valerie Ann Worwood & Susan Worwood.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of natural aromatic substances — essential oils. The "aroma" in "aromatherapy" refers to the fact that all essential oils have a characteristic smell, while the "therapy" refers to the fact that these oils are used for healing. This "therapy" aspect has several branches. We now know, through scientific experimentation, that aromas exert an influence on the brain...

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How To Use Essential Oils

Valerie Ann Worwood

by Valerie Ann Worwood & Susan Worwood.

Essential oils are extremely versatile to use. The best-known method involves combining one or more essential oils with a vegetable base or carrier oil to make a "massage oil." Aromatherapists use these for medicinal or therapeutic purposes and usually apply them with massage. However, a massage oil can also simply be applied to the body, as one would apply any...

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Healing Allowed

Alan Cohen

by Alan Cohen.

As we finished lunch at a spiritual retreat center, one of the participants stood behind me and massaged my neck and shoulders. Suddenly I was jarred by a deep voice booming, No healing allowed here! To my surprise, the retreat center security guard was standing behind us...

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Ayurveda Guiding Principles

Angela Hope-Murray by Angela Hope-Murray & Tony Pickup. According to ayurvedic teaching, starting any form of treatment without first dealing with the toxins in the system that have caused the disease will only make matters worse. Toxins may either be eliminated or neutralized. This applies to both the physical and emotional level of disease...n>

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Ayurveda is a Verb

Shubhra Krishanby Shubhra Krishan. "Doing" Ayurveda does not require conquering complicated Sanskrit terms, memorizing mantras, mastering body contortions, or struggling with religious beliefs. It requires nothing except that you commit your time and energy to your own supreme well-being. What's more, it asks that you do this in as relaxed...

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Color for Healing

Romy Rawlings

by Romy Rawlings. Color therapy is an ancient approach to healing that has been used since the earliest of times. Decades of research show that color influences our thoughts, our actions, our health, and even our relationships with others. Indeed, many color energies are so powerful that even the visually impaired can sense their vibrations...

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Stopping the Monkey Mind: Finding Calm and Inner Peace

Stopping the Monkey Mind: Finding Calm and Inner Peaceby Mantak Chia. Western science has discovered that when people are heavy thinkers, when they worry a lot, when their thoughts dwell on anger, jealousy, hatred, or other negative emotions, their brain activity can consume 80 percent of all their total body energy...

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Space Clearing: Making Your Home a Sanctuary of Love and Joy

Space Clearing: Making Your Home a Sanctuary of Love and Joyby Denise Linn. Have you ever walked into an empty room and immediately sensed that the atmosphere was laced with tension? You may have had no idea what occurred there prior to your arrival, yet you somehow knew that it was something unpleasant. By contrast...

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Light The Final Frontier

Dr. Jacob Liberman

Life is basically an energy experience. It is now clear that different aspects, or frequencies, of this energy have different effects on our moods, behaviors, and vital functions. Each separate frequency, or color of the spectrum, is the food for the development and evolvement of certain aspects of our being.

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Cleansing with Incense

by Draja Mickaharic.

While incense can be used to cleanse a place or fumigate a person, the range in effect varies from very mild to exceptionally strong. They can be very potent aids to maintaining spiritual purity and cleanliness in a home. To some extent, we might compare burning incense to sending up a beacon or flare to attract those spiritual forces we wish to call. Each odor appeals to a particular force, and the "force" answers the call.

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Human Harmonies

Larry Dossey, M.D.So sensitive are we to sound that noise pollution has been called the most common modern health hazard. High levels of unpleasant sounds cause blood vessels to constrict; increase the blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates; release extra fats into the bloodstream; and cause the blood's magnesium level to fall.

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Healers and Healing Energy

 by Betty F. Balcombe. All living things have a natural self-healing ability, but on occasions this ability is unable to function due to low energy. No one can cure another person; a psychic can give the healing energy, but the receiver's own centers distribute it where it is most required. Healing energy is given primarily to balance and encourage the positive aspects and energies of a person.

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Fragrance as a Protective Shield

Valerie Ann Worwoodby Valerie Ann Worwood.

When dealing with the invisible forces people have often used fragrance as a protective shield between them and the perceived negativity. This manipulation of fragrance for spiritual ends binds people very distant from each other in belief, space, and time, and often they use the same widely dispersed species of plant to facilitate more or less the same effect.

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Color, Nature, Sound for a harmonious home

Terah Kathryn Collins

Color can be a tremendous Ch'i enhancement when you love it, or cause a real depletion in energy if you don't. If a color bugs you, get rid of it. Removing offensive colors can make a positive change in the entire house -- and in your moods!

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Clearing the Atmosphere

Valerie Ann Worwoodby Valerie Ann Worwood.

 Rooms can have a different atmosphere that cannot always be attributed to such things as decor, light, ceiling height, or even good or bad feng shui. Rooms also have an aroma that reflects all that is in, and goes on, there. Another factor is cleanliness. If a place does not feel conducive to good energy flow, it may simply need a good energy cleaning.

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Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your Life

Susana Madden: Aura Beautiful -- How Your Aura Affects Your Lifeby Susana Madden. The aura, a field of energy that surrounds people and other living things, reflects the energy of the spirit in that body. Its colors, textures and patterns reveal much information about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. An aura is like a thumbprint; it is completely individual and expresses who you really are in all your splendor...

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Getting Down To Earth

Judith Poole

by Judith Poole.

We cannot be truly healthy, have vitality and experience joy without being comfortable and at home in our bodies. As long as we are physical entities we might as well move all the way into our homes. The following fun exercises can help you get in touch with the earth and energize your body as well.

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Magnetic Stimulation

by Eric Benjamin Lowe.

In the past decade, magnets have attracted the interest of many health consumers and have carved out a sizeable iche in the alternative medicine market as a treatment for multiple ailments - from arthritis to back pain. Now a preliminary study, one of the first to provide scientific evidence of magnets' medical benefits, suggests magnetic stimulation may lead to a safe, revolutionary treatment for patients with clinical depression who do not respond to standard medications.

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Body, Mind, and Qi

by Qingshan Liu. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger damages the liver, too much joy and laughter damage the heart, too much thinking and reflection affect the spleen and stomach, too much sadness and weeping affect the lungs, and anxiety damages the kidneys. This theory corresponds to a psychosomatic explanation of the change in organs, and the origin of disease.

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Children and Homeopathic Medicines

Dana Ullman, author of the article: Children and Homeopathic Medicines

by Dana Ullman.

Children respond extremely well and rapidly to homeopathic medicines. What is even better news is that they love to take homeopathic medicines, since the remedies are usually made with lactose or sucrose and thus tend to be sweet.

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Color Therapy

Romy Rawlings

Color therapy is an ancient approach to healing that has been used since the earliest of times. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that colors have a profound effect upon health and that illness can be diagnosed through the color of certain parts of the body, including the tongue...

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Aromatherapy for a Healthy Child

by Valerie Ann Worwood. From earliest times parents around the world have taken from nature the herbs and plants they needed to care for the health of their children. In my practice as a clinical aromatherapist I've seen the wonderful healing effect of aromatherapy and essential oils on children.

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Ayurveda-Guiding Principles

According to ayurvedic teaching, one must first deal with the toxins in the system that have caused disease, otherwise, after treating the symptoms, the disease will manifest again in the same location or elsewhere. Toxins may either be eliminated or neutralized. This applies to both the physical and emo tional level of disease.

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