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August 22nd, 2011 

InnerSelf Newsletter August 22nd, 2011.


Our apologies for not sending out a newsletter last week. Our internet service at the office was down for almost a week due to telephone line problems making it difficult to continue "business as usual". While the Daily Inspiration continued its faithful delivery (they had been prepared ahead of time) the newsletter had to take a week off.

This week brings a round of articles to help us deal with any tumultuous passages in our life (I believe we may all have had some of those last week). Rob Preece takes a look at Living with Emotions & Feelings -- how to live with them -- not repress or ignore, but how to respond more healthily to feelings and emotions. Being able to do this is a great boon to our inner peace and well being.

Then we focus on Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed, Embracing Your Bliss Through Chocolate (yes chocolate!), Developing Confidence Using Your Body (it's not all in your head!), and last but not least, Becoming the Change (which reflects on relationships and divorce as well as providing great advice for life in general).

A lot of food for thought in this week's new issue (while you nibble on some chocolate without guilt). You may also want to read Pam Younghans perspective on the astrological and planetary forces this week to help shed light on your day to day experience of life.

Scroll down for a short synopsis of the articles and the links to read more...

                 ... Happy Reading!

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Embracing Your Bliss Through Chocolate

Embracing Your Bliss Through Chocolateby Stasia Bliss.

What if we could fully embrace the joy that comes with eating chocolate, without any sense of guilt, for an entire day? Could we then also... Read more of this article...


Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed

Waking Up: Becoming Aware & Informed

by Nicolya Christi.

The time has come to write a new story for our lives and to let go of those handed down to us by our families and our... Read more of this article...


Develop Confidence Using Your Body

Develop Confidence Using Your Body

by Keith Johnson.

Both your brain and your body work in harmony together to help you operate at your peak if you know how to use them. Almost... Read more of this article...


Living with Emotions & Feelings

Living with Emotions & Feelings

by Rob Preece.

When we learn to respond more healthily to the emotions and feel­ings that arise, we can radically change the quality of our lives. One of the greatest disappointments... Read more of this article...


Becoming the Change

Becoming the Change

by Vecchi Talarico.

The list was one I never thought I would make. I stared at the book titles I had jotted down for reference; each of them looked at... Read more of this article...



and of course, Pam brings us this week's overview...


Astrological Journal for the Week

Pam Younghans

by Pam Younghans.

This weekly column is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read more...




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