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July 11th, 2011 

InnerSelf Newsletter July 11th, 2011.

This week we take a look at personal finances, prosperity, abundance, success... and creating a life that brings us joy and happiness.

While we all know that money does not necessarily bring us happiness, one can also be certain that poverty, of itself, doesn't bring happiness either... If you're not happy, suddenly becoming poor probably won't have you jumping for joy.

The authors we bring you this week help shed light on the Financial Bogeymen in our life, and also discover that As You Reap, So Will You Sow. The question "which comes first, the chicken or the egg" comes to mind.

One thing that is certain, We Are Not Beggars, and if we are behaving like some then that may be the source of the presence of "lack" in our life. Marie T. Russell, with the assistance of Mike Dooley's new book, Manifesting Change, shares some "ah ha!" moments from her life.

Of course, once we clear out our mind's closet of erroneous beliefs and projections, then we need to fill it with the wondrous creations that we desire for our future. Mike Bara brings us some information about 2012: The Time of Choice, while Ernest Holmes, founder of "new thought", reminds us that We Are Creative: Thinking Makes It So...

This is a powerful group of articles designed to help us bust through any limitations that we have set or accepted for ourselves. The time has come to claim our power and realize that we are responsible for the life we live. We are responsible for where we are going, as well as where we end up, so we need to make sure we are headed in that direction.

We remind you to read this week's astrological column as well, as it has some fascination information and questions to reflect on.

Wishing you a journey, as well as a destination, filled with happiness, joy, and laughter...


                 ... Happy Reading!

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As You Reap, So Will You SowAs You Reap, So Will You Sow 

by Pamela Jo McQuade.

The spiritual law of giving is that you get what you give and reap what you sow. You attract more of what you give, so... Read more...


Tracking the Financial BogeymanTracking the Financial Bogeyman 

by Karen McCall.

One of the most important weapons to use against your financial bogeyman is tracking. Simply put, tracking involves noting all the money that comes in... Read more...



We Are Not Beggars!We Are Not Beggars! 

by Marie T. Russell.

One of the keys to receiving what you ask for or what you need, is in the asking. We've all heard of "ask and you shall... Read more...



2012 -The Time of Choice2012 -The Time of Choice 

by Mike Bara.

It’s clear from all of the information that’s out there that the 2012 era will be one of great change. The physics and the astrology say we... Read more...



You Are Creative: Thinking Makes It SoYou Are Creative: Thinking Makes It So 

by Ernest Holmes.

At times it seemed as though the impossible suddenly became possible. How can these things be explained? A stroke of genius, intuition, inspiration? Yes, probably all of... Read more...



Pam Younghans

Horoscope for the Current Week

by Pam Younghans.

This weekly column is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. Read more...


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